The Top 6 Strategic Partners for Real Estate Agents

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This is a guest post written by Grant McDonald

While a career in real estate is both financially lucrative and self-sufficient, properly assisting your clients from the beginning to the end of the home-buying process necessitates forming various connections with local businesses in order to best serve your clients.

What Does It Mean to Have a Strategic Real Estate Partner?

A strategic partner (or alliance) is an entity with whom you can collaborate outside of your own company. A partner might be a person, a real estate team or brokerage, a company, or anything else. You must collaborate with a non-competing party. 

You can, for example, collaborate with non-competing agencies or teams. However, avoid collaborating with realtors in the same town who are targeting the same demographic.

You can work together with strategic partners in real estate in a variety of ways. Combine your content creation, marketing, and branding initiatives. Alternatively, you can help each other out through referrals. 

You must guarantee that you are targeting the same audience in order to discover relevant partners.

Many beginner real estate brokers, like yourself, may not realize what types of strategic partners are beneficial to their careers. That’s why we’ve broken down the six categories of strategic partners that real estate agents require. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it should get you started once you’ve passed your licensure exam.

According to Greve, Rowley and Shipilov, companies around the world formed nearly 42,000 alliances between 2002 and 2011. 

Steve Steinhilber cites a report claiming that more than 2,000 strategic alliances are launched each year and the number is growing at 15 percent per annum.”

Quote from Paul Sanders (Insead, The Ten Stages of Successful Strategic Alliances)

1) Appraiser

real estate appraiser appraising property

A real estate appraisal is an unbiased technique for determining a property’s genuine value in the present market. There is always a prejudice between the two parties when it comes to purchasing or selling a home. 

When it comes to the sale, they may place a higher value on the property than it is actually worth, but the buyer may place a lower value on it due to preconceived notions.

A professional appraiser is engaged to accurately analyze the property and come up with a realistic number on which all parties may agree. To determine the property’s worth, an appraiser assesses the property in a systematic manner, obtains information, and compares it to the market.

The banks, who are responsible for processing house loan applications, require an assessment of the property.

2) Notary

Loan signing agent having signing appointment with client

For many people, purchasing a home is a significant achievement. It’s a means to stability in the United States as well as a tool to establish family wealth. 

Loan Signing Agents, or Notary Signing Agents, are specially qualified notaries who assist homebuyers in completing their transactions by leading them through the signing and notarization of real estate paperwork.

These documents are crucial in the transfer of property title rights from one owner to another. In real estate deals, notaries are quite important. 

Here’s why you’ll need a notary who can notarize real estate documents and ensure that the paperwork is done correctly.

A Notary’s Function

Notaries are officials who have been appointed by their state’s governor to:

  • Assist as a neutral witness in a transaction.
  • Verify the identification of a signer.
  • Oaths should be administered.
  • Take legal document acknowledgments, such as real estate deeds.
  • Other certification responsibilities as defined by their state’s legislation

The land records system keeps track of several important loan documents that are signed and notarized throughout a real estate closing. Recorded instruments is a term used to describe certain legal papers. Some of these documents require a notary stamp before being recorded to ensure their legitimacy.

3) Property manager

Property manager maintaining property

A property manager is a person or firm engaged in managing the day-to-day operations of a real estate unit. When property owners or real estate investors are reluctant or unable to manage their properties themselves, they hire property managers.

The expense of hiring a property manager is frequently tax deductible against the property’s income. Property managers handle apartment complexes, shopping malls, and company offices, among other commercial properties.

Coordinating and supervising building maintenance and service requests, performing light general contractor and resolving tenant complaints and concerns, cleaning work, advertising, showing, and renting vacant units, collecting and depositing leases, and regularly interacting with the landowner on the condition of the property are some of the commitments of the property manager.

The property manager serves as the owner’s ears and eyes on the property, ensuring that issues are resolved quickly and that the property is well-maintained.

4) Hard-money lender

hard money lender meeting client

A relationship between real estate brokers and a hard money lender may appear to be an unexpected match at first. But when it comes to closing the sale, they might discover that partnering with a reliable financial partner might make all the difference.

Hard money lenders can benefit real estate brokers in other ways besides just financially. They can connect agents with independent appraisers who, because of their objectivity, can produce a more accurate appraisal. 

The lenders may also have access to additional lines of credit that can be used for different things.

These are some excellent arguments for why this collaboration might be profitable for both parties:

Authentic Information Source

In the realm of hard money loans, having accurate information is essential. Of course, finding a trustworthy source is difficult. Lack of knowledge can frequently be a significant barrier for both lenders and borrowers.

Hard money lending may be significantly impacted by new regulations put in place by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). A hard money lender can more efficiently reveal the necessary terms and conditions by working with a real estate agent.

A Reliable Funding Source

Real estate agents want a trustworthy and dependable source of commercial financing as the prevalence of commercial financing fraud is rising. Compared to conventional financing choices, these sources of funding must be speedier and more flexible. A hard money lender benefits in this situation. Hard money lenders also make the process of closing on a house much more speedier

It might make a difference in whether the client buys the house or the sale falls through.

There are numerous uses for hard money loans. They can quickly be underwritten, approved, and funded. It might mean the difference between the customer buying the house and the deal falling through for a real estate agent trying to conclude a deal swiftly.

Key to Successful Partnership

Trustworthy cooperation might be crucial in the realm of commercial finance. This relationship is the most important factor in Original Funding. Hard money lenders and real estate agents can both access the resources they require to prosper.

5) Inspector

Home inspector inspecting a home's exterior

Before a house is officially sold, you’ll almost certainly need to hire a home inspector to make sure it’s in good working order. The homeowner is normally responsible for the cost of the pre-inspection.

It can be difficult to locate a trustworthy home inspector. For the best results, request a reference from other real estate agents you trust. Otherwise, while Googling “house inspectors around me” or “home inspectors in (insert your town name),” compare and contrast rates and evaluations.

  • Home inspections can help buyers feel more confident in their purchase, which can help speed up the sales process. When realtors have all of the details concerning the inspection, they may share the benefits and drawbacks with home purchasers.
  • It allows real estate agents to educate sellers about the health of their property and any issues.
  • Agents can make repair suggestions. As a result, a seller or buyer can arrange for repairs or negotiate a selling price based on market conditions.
  • It builds trust, gives agents a more professional appearance, and encourages referrals.
  • Improved Business—Increased Referrals from Satisfied Customers

6) Home Stager

home stager making a home beautiful

Home staging is the preparation of a private dwelling for sale in the real estate marketplace (with) the purpose of making a home appealing.

Home stagers are crucial not only for listing photos and hosting open houses but also for assisting in the sale of the home through one-on-one visits.

3 ways to stage a home

When it comes to staging your property, you have a few alternatives. You have three choices: do it yourself (DIY), get assistance from your real estate agent, or hire a professional staging business to perform the work for you. You could also do a combination of these alternatives in some circumstances.


Doing your own home staging can be a smart alternative if you’re confident in your ability to design and exhibit the property or if you just want to save money. 

Redoing and brushing up the repositioning of your furniture, introducing additional throw pillows, eliminating any private pictures or décor, and incorporating warm accents like fresh flowers are all things to consider,”

Qoute from Joshua Blackburn, founder of Evolving Home

Your real estate professional

Many real estate professionals feel that staging can make a home sell faster. As a result, professionals will help their clients with preparing and staging the property prior to photographing, listing, or marketing it. 

Although some agents may only give guidance, then the sellers would choose to stage their homes themselves, other agents will take an active role in the process. They might have a selection of decorative elements that you can use to brighten up the place.

Stagers who work in the industry

You can hire a professional stager or staging firm to stage your home for you if you want a more hands-off approach. These are industry specialists who, in many cases, have design, interior decorating, or even real estate experience that can benefit you.

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  • Grant McDonald is currently Vice President - Corporate Development at 14th Street Capital. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate and corporate finance industries. A father of three beautiful girls, Grant is an avid golfer who loves to play with his daughters.

Grant McDonald

Grant McDonald is currently Vice President - Corporate Development at 14th Street Capital. He has over 20 years of experience in the real estate and corporate finance industries. A father of three beautiful girls, Grant is an avid golfer who loves to play with his daughters.

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