Home Inspector Career Resources

Are you thinking about a career in being a home inspector? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Home inspection plays a crucial role during a home purchasing process. It helps homebuyers identify potential problems, such as necessary repairs, before buying it.

Not only that a home inspection report can help potential homebuyers to budget any repairs accordingly, but it often is used as a supporting document to justify a price adjustment during the negotiating process.

Whether you are a new graduate who is about to enter the workforce, someone who is looking for a career change, or an existing home inspector who wish to advance your career into the next level, my mission is to make your life easier by providing you with helpful resources about the home inspection profession.

Here, you can find the state licensing requirement to become a home inspector, how to get into the field, income updates, the career outlook, and most importantly, what it is like to work as a home inspector.

Where to Begin?

To start off, you could go to our “States License Requirement” page. In there, you could choose the specific state you are located. Not only you could learn about the licensing requirement, but we also included the average salary, industry statistics, and tips that could assist you in building your home inspection career.

We also have a career blog section which could be a good resource for you as you look into a home inspection career.

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