Online Resources to Start Your Career as a Real Estate Appraiser

Are you thinking about a career in being a real estate appraiser? If so, that’s great! You have come to the right place. Being a real estate appraiser is a rewarding career, and currently with huge demand in many states.

Whether you are a new graduate who is about to enter the workforce, someone who is looking for a career change, or an existing appraiser who wish to advance your career into the next level, our mission is to make your life easier by providing you with valuable resources about the appraisal industry.

On our website, you will find out the licensing requirement to become an appraiser, how to get into the field, what is the career outlook and most importantly, what is like to work as an appraiser.

We also have a career blog and resources pages, which could be helpful to you in this profession.

What is a Real Estate Appraiser?

Broadly speaking, your job as a real estate appraiser is to provide an opinion of the market value for properties. Many people would start off appraising residential properties and work under the supervision of a certified appraiser.

But with the right education and training, you could expand your scope of appraisal work into commercial properties, office building, or other more complex real estates.

Where to Begin?

To start off, you could go to our “States License Requirement” page. In there, you could choose the specific state you are located. Not only you could learn about the licensing requirement, but we also included the average salary, industry statistics, and tips that could assist you in building your appraisal career.

Here are the MUST read articles that we highly recommend:

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