How to Transform a Studio Apartment? Check out this Redfin post!

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Living in a big house could be the ultimate dream for many people. But not everyone has the budget to do that, especially in cities where the housing price is skyrocketed. 

Therefore, many people would select to live in a studio apartment. But how can you make sure it will not have the jam-packed feeling?

To make a studio apartment look bigger, you must optimize the layout, storage, lighting, seating, bedding, shelving, paint, and decor. Having multi-function furniture could be a good solution. 

Redfin, a reputable real estate broker, recently published a post: “Styling a Studio Apartment: 19 Tips You Need to Know.

In there, they gathered ideas from experts from different segments of the real estate industry—for example, Maureen Mcdermut Santa Barbara RESpark Vintage RentalsSidney Wagner Designs

Our website,, is delighted to be selected as one of the notable experts in the field to talk about this topic. So below is my response to them. 

“Living in a studio is really about making good use of every inch of the area while not creating a jam-packed feeling. You may consider including convertible furniture in your home. For example, I have seen a work desk that can be folded and mounted to a wall when not used. It can be displayed as decoration and help to save space tremendously. Another one I have seen is a small coffee table that can be opened up into a big dining table.”

Jacob Coleman at

Here are the tips for styling a studio apartment from the Redfin post: 

  1. Recognize the power of association
  2. Efficiency is your friend
  3. Try to create some sense of division
  4. Give attention to negative space
  5. No windows? No Problem!
  6. Think maximization
  7. Take advantage of multipurpose furniture
  8. Optimize your storage space
  9. Add an artistic touch
  10. Decide on a focal point
  11. Decorate with intent
  12. Make it original
  13. Utilize vertical space
  14. Less is more
  15. Make good use of your available space
  16. Keep it light

If you are looking for ideas to transform your studio apartment, be sure to check out the Redfin blog.

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