How Much do Real Estate Appraisers Make in New York? (Trainee| Residential| Commercial)

New York Appraisers Checking Income Figures

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Real estate appraisers in New York earn an average yearly income of $93,044. The income typically ranges between $60,327 and $95,427. Top earning appraisers are making over $119,009 per year.

Real estate appraisers are not paid by commission. Rather they are usually paid a flat fee or compensated by the time to complete the assignment.

This fee structure helps ensure that the appraiser’s only motivation is to provide an accurate estimate of a property’s value rather than earning a commission from the sale. Thus, it minimizes any potential conflicts of interest that could arise.

In this guide, I will uncover how much do real estate appraisers make in New York, the areas with top-earning appraisers, and whether being a commercial or residential appraisers has any effect on the income.

Income Demographics of Real Estate Appraisers in New York

Income Demographics of Real Estate Appraisers in New York

How Much do Trainee Appraisers Make in New York?

Real estate trainee appraisers in New York make an average yearly income of $34,216. The income typically ranges between $26,324 and $43,874. Top earning trainees are making as high as $48,262 per year.

At the beginning phase of your real estate appraisal career, you probably would not make a lot because you would be working as a trainee under the supervision of another Certified Appraiser.

However, the payout for evaluating the commercial real estates could be more lucrative, so that they might be able to compensate you better even when you’re just working as a trainee. One of the appraisers I spoke to said that CBRE, Colliers, JLL, and Cushman routinely hire trainees. You may check whether they are hiring in your area.

As you continue to accumulate work experience and obtain the necessary licensing (i.e., Certified Residential/General Appraiser License), you should be able to notice a significant improvement in your earnings.

The first step to your appraisal career is to complete the pre-licensing courses from a trusted education provider. McKissock Learning received an incredible rating from its students, and their online lessons are taught by instructors who have actual experience in the appraisal industry. You may click here to find out more about their courses. (**)

How Much do Residential Real Estate Appraisers Make in New York?

Residential Real Estate Appraiser thinking about income potential

Residential real estate appraisers in New York make an average yearly income of $69,376, typically range between $57,037 and $82,264. Top earners are making as high as $97,621 per year.

A residential real estate appraiser is a professional who assesses the value of properties, such as houses or apartment units. You may appraise homes for a buyer or a mortgage lender by performing market research on comparable homes in similar areas sells for.

You may also work for a government agency, such as a county appraiser’s office or housing authority, or an appraisal firm to perform similar duties.

If the residential market is the niche you are pursuing, consider obtaining the Certified Residential Appraiser License. It gives you a broader scope of work than being a Licensed Residential Appraiser – thus, leading you to greater income potential.

How much do real estate appraisers make per appraisal in New York?

Residential Real Estate Appraiser thinking about business volume

According to HomeAdvisor, real estate appraisers make an average of $320 to $425 per home appraisal in New York. Let’s take an median fee of $372.

Then you would need to complete 250 (= $93,044 div by $372 ) appraisals per year to earn an average annual income of $93,044, which works out to be 21 appraisals per month or 5 appraisals per week.

However, if your work order is obtained from Appraisal Management Companies (AMC), you may need to share a portion of the appraisal fee with them for referring the business to you. Thus, you may need to complete a greater volume of appraisals to achieve your desired income level.

How Much do Commercial Real Estate Appraisers Make in New York?

Alabama commercial real estate appraiser talking about income potential

Commercial real estate appraisers in New York earn an average yearly income of $65,121, typically range between $54,843 and $98,717. Top earning CRE appraisers are making $102,008 per year.

The role of a commercial real estate appraiser is to provide an objective and unbiased opinion on the value of a property based on market data, comparable sales, income analysis, and other relevant factors.

Unlike residential real estate appraisers, which focus on home valuation, CRE appraisers have a much broader scope of work, such as office space, retail stores, warehouses, hotels, golf courses, industrial properties, etc.

Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Commercial Real Estate Appraisers in New York

CityAnnual Salary
New York City$63,439
Staten Island$61,048

CRE appraisers in Queens has the highest average income among all cities in New York, earning $6,573 (10.1%) more than the state average ($65,121), then followed by Albany and Brooklyn ranking the second and third.

To become a commercial real estate appraiser, you must obtain the Certified General Appraiser license. This is the highest appraiser license you could get, which requires extensive work hours, pre-licensing education, and passing an exam.

Furthermore, if you aim to achieve greater recognition in the appraisal industry, you may consider obtaining the MAI designation. Many clients would prefer hiring an appraiser with such credentials for high-value projects or complex assignments.

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Different data sources report different NY appraisers income figures

Average SalaryBureau of Labor
Real Estate Appraiser $63,400$93,044N/A
Residential Real Estate Appraiser N/A$63,376 $60,610
Commercial Real Estate Appraiser N/A$65,121$127,573

Most of the data in this article are from ZipRecruiter. But to confirm the validity of the figures, I also reviewed those from different sites. As you can see, there is quite a discrepancy among various sources.

Perhaps, it really depends on the appraisers in the sample. After all, their experience in the appraisal field, license level, and the real estate niche they specialize in could be different from one another.

Below are some job postings I found on, which should give you a more updated idea of real estate appraisers’ income in the current market.

Job TitleIncome RangeCity
Real Property Appraiser (Full time)$75,000 to $90,000 per yearScarsdale
Real Estate Appraiser Assistant (Part-time)$19 to $20 an hourLivingston
Real Estate Appraiser/ Assessor (Full time)$50,000 to $75,000 per yearNew York
Real Property Appraiser Trainee$41,115 to $52,673 per yearRochester
Real Estate Valuation Manager$96,400 to $122,000 per yearNew York

Here are more incredible resources to learn about the New York real estate appraisal career!

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If you are reading up to this point, I bet you must be interested in the real estate appraiser profession. Your first step is to complete the pre-licensing courses. You should select one that has an excellent reputation and long-term track record of satisfying students. McKissock is exactly that! You may click here to check it out yourself. (**)

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